The art of delivering a payoff.

So long, Robin.  It was good having you.  

So long, Robin.  It was good having you.  

Have something a little brighter today.  

Here’s someone being a badass.

Watch some masters at work. Have some craft mastery with your morning.

There’s a lot of pain and sadness and anger out there.  There always is, but it seems a lot more visible right now than it does otherwise.

Have some beauty and music with your morning today, instead.

Lacrime de Giulietta - Matteo Negrin with Smile Lab

A tremendous exercise in perspective and, incidentally, a brief story about the history of mankind.

A small pufferfish carves out circular patterns on the floor.


Tom Waits - Hell Broke Luce

This song, and this video only get more fascinating as time goes on.

Don Hertzfeldt - The Meaning of Life


A little nostalgia, and a little animation skill.
The opening to Johnny Quest - in stop-motion.

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